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Donald Lambro -
October 24, 2014

President Obama is nearing the end of his sixth year in office, with his unpopular liberal agenda in ruins, his job approval polls at record lows, and his party facing sweeping losses in next month's elections.

Democratic candidates are distancing themselves from him or giving him the cold shoulder, while others refuse to admit they even voted for him.

The liberal news media, who embraced Obama as the political savior of the nation, are now beginning to voice their disappointment, along with some in his own Cabinet.

Former secretaries of Defense Robert Gates and Leon Panetta, and former Secretary of Defense Hillary Clinton, have
all authored books criticizing some of his foreign and national security policies -- or made clear they disagreed with decisions he made, despite their objections.

Dana Milbank, a liberal pundit at the Washington Post who was one of president's biggest cheer leaders, now says "Obama is President Pariah in these final weeks of the 2014 midterms."

"Vulnerable Democratic candidates don't want to be seen with him. Three Democratic senators have run ads distancing themselves from him," Milbank wrote this week.

In Kentucky, for example, Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes, who is trying to unseat Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell…

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