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Emma Boone -
August 21, 2015

101 years ago, the first traffic light was installed on the corner of Euclid Avenue and East 105th Street in Cleveland. Before the installation, rush hour traffic was directed by police officers in the middle of the street, proving to be not only dangerous but unproductive as traffic conductors were only able to see a few yards ahead of them.

Had it not been for the first installation of the simple green and red traffic light in 1914, our roads today could still be a chaotic mess of pedestrians, cars, and bicycles. At a time when traffic signals were developing and air conditioning units were being installed in private homes for the first time, entrepreneurial minds were highly valued. Today, this still stands true.

The sharing economy, which includes various peer-to-peer services like Uber, Airbnb, and TaskRabbit, have flourished due to innovative minds and old fashioned American hustle. Expected to bring in revenue of $335 billion by 2025, the sharing economy isn’t slowing down for anyone – not even the federal government and other entities attempting to regulate and tax these services out of existence.

For America to Prosper, Sharing Economy Needs a Green Light