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Jack Kerwick -
October 17, 2014

That there is a sensationalistic dimension to the Ebola coverage is something of which I have no doubt.

Sensationalizing events is what the media does best. There may even be a sense in which it can be said that sensationalism is intrinsic to mass media. Sensationalism serves the interests of two groups of people: media personalities and the politicians with whom they collude.

Both the reputations and wallets of media figures are likely to inflate as long as they continue creating “news” that arrests the attention of citizens who find it increasingly difficult to attend to anything for very long. And the politicians on whose behalf journalists and commentators advocate (in one way or     
another) are well served by the manufacturing of “crises.” This, to be sure, is a bi-partisan phenomenon: Virtually every politician—particularly at the national level—agrees wholeheartedly with Rahm Emmanuel’s belief that a “good crisis” is something that must never be permitted to “go to waste.”

This being said, the fact remains that no more than a month or so ago, President Obama declared with all of the assuredness with which he prefaces all of his errors, that Ebola had basically no chance of making its way to American shores. And now that Obama has been proven wrong once more—and with such neck-breaking speed!—he not only refuses to concede having stuck his foot in his mouth; he has dug in more deeply, refusing to appropriate…

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Political Correctness and Ebola