Book of Mormon
Lesson 19
None Could Deliver Them but the Lord

Lesson Highlights

A study of this lesson will help inspire us to continually apply the principle of repentance, become converted, and share the gospel.

Scripture references for study:  Mosiah 1824
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Lesson 19 Handout (PDF)

Mosiah 18

King Noah's council of priests - Alma, a descendant of Nephi, was the sole defender and the only known convert of the martyred Abinadi.

In following Abinadi's counsel, it appears that Alma repented of his sins and iniquities.

Baptism at Mormon.

Alma and his people found out about the coming of the Noah's army and fled from the land into the wilderness (v34).

Bondage & Deliverance

Historical information:

The oppression and bondage was so great that Limhi and his people went to war against the Lamanites three times and were defeated each time.

As you recall, a group led by Ammon came from the land of Zarahemla and discovered the people of Limhi (Zeniffites) in bondage.

Principles of Bondage and Deliverance (see Mosiah 7 where Limhi speech addressed these principles):

Gospel Doctrine Notebook

Record your thoughts on this lesson. What can you do to avoid spiritual bondage?

Resources Used In This Lesson

Answers to Gospel Questions, Volume 3, by Joseph Fielding Smith.

Doctrinal Commentary on the Book of Mormon by Joseph Fielding McConkie and  Robert L. Millett (DCBM).


Life of Heber C. Kimball by Orson F. Whitney.

Studies in Scripture, Volume 7, edited by Kent P. Jackson.

Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith (TPJS).

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