Doctrine & Covenants/Church History
Lesson 46
“Zion—The Pure in Heart”

Lesson Highlights

A study of this lesson will help us understand what the scriptures teach about Zion and to inspire us in our efforts to establish Zion.

Scripture references for study:  D&C 57:1–3; 64:33–43; 82:14–15; 97:8–28; 105:1–12; Moses 7:12–19, 61–63, 68–69; Articles of Faith 1:10; Our Heritage, pages 37–38, 145–46
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Lesson 46 Handout (PDF)

What Is Zion?

Joseph Smith:

Elder Alexander B. Morrison:  "The dream of a better world is as old as mankind. From time immemorial, men and women of faith and hope have dreamed of a Holy City, whose king is the Lord God Omnipotent; a place of refuge for the righteous fleeing the storms of a wicked world; an abode where peace is in every heart, where there is no fear nor want and all people are brothers and sisters, where faith and purity shine in every face. That place, in Judeo-Christian parlance, is called Zion." (Visions of Zion, p1)


Seek To Bring Forth And Establish The Cause Of Zion

"Now, as you have asked, behold, I say unto you, keep my commandments, and seek to bring forth and establish the cause of Zion." (D&C 6:6; see also D&C 11:6; D&C 12:6; D&C 14:6)

Principles for establishing Zion:

"And, now, behold, if Zion do these things she shall prosper, and spread herself and become very glorious, very great, and very terrible. And the nations of the earth shall honor her, and shall say: Surely Zion is the city of our God, and surely Zion cannot fall, neither be moved out of her place, for God is there, and the hand of the Lord is there." (D&C 97:18)

Gospel Doctrine Notebook

Record your thoughts on Zion. What can you do to "seek to bring forth and establish the cause of Zion"?

Resources Used In This Lesson

Approaching Zion by Hugh Nibley.

Articles of Faith by James E. Talmage.

Church History and Modern Revelation by Joseph Fielding Smith.

Collected Discourses edited by Brian H. Stuy.

Commentary on the Pearl of Great Price by George Reynolds and Janne M. Sjodahl.

Conference Reports (CR).

Doctrinal Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Volume 4, by Joseph Fielding McConkie and Robert L. Millet.

Encyclopedia of Mormonism edited by Daniel H. Ludlow.

History of the Church (HC).

Journal of Discourses (JD).

Mormon Doctrine by Bruce R. McConkie.

Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith selected and arranged by Joseph Fielding Smith.

Visions of Zion by Alexander B. Morrison.

Web site: Judaism 101

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