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A Thought

The time is long overdue for a massive flooding of the earth with the Book of Mormon for the many reasons which the Lord has given. In this age of electronic media and mass distribution of the printed word, God will hold us accountable if we do not now move the Book of Mormon in a monumental way.

- Ezra Taft Benson

Brother Beardall’s Gospel Doctrine Outlines

Lesson 8 - O How Great the Goodness of Our God - 2 Nephi 6-10
Jacob, at the request of Nephi, teaches from the writings of Isaiah.  He speaks of the "standard" the Lord will set up in the last days.  Jacob also teaches us about the essential nature of the great Atonement and what we must do to qualify. Jacob concludes by reminding us to cheer up our hearts, for even though we have made mistakes, if we turn to the Lord and repent, we will be forgiven.

Lesson 7 - I Know in Whom I Have Trusted - 2 Nephi 3-5
Lehi teaches his son Joseph of another Joseph, a choice seer who would be raised up in the last days to bring forth revelation and bring the people to salvation. Lehi concludes his teaching by blessing and speaking to the children of Laman and Lemuel. He tells them that they will not perish because of the iniquity of their fathers, but that the Lord will be merciful unto their seed. We review Nephi's psalm and his thoughts of contending with evil and rejoicing in the Lord. After Lehi's passing, Laman and Lemuel seek to destroy Nephi. Nephi and his followers escape and establish a new home and live after the manner of happiness.

Lesson 6 - Free to Choose Liberty and Eternal Life - 2 Nephi 1-2
Lehi, who is nearing the end of his days, teaches and counsels his family.  He teaches them about the blessings related to the promised land and the consequences of disobedience.  He reminds his family to arise from a deep sleep and shake off the chains by which they are bound and to put on the armor of righteousness.  Lehi continues his teaching with a great doctrinal discourse on the purpose of life, the creation of the earth, the fall of man, and the atonement of Christ.  The great principle of agency is taught and Lehi expounds on the necessity for opposition in all things.

Lesson 5 - Hearken to the Truth, and Give Heed unto It - 1 Nephi 16-22
The Nephi-Laman Scale: From the faith of Nephi to the murmuring of Laman.  This lesson includes discussions on the discovery of the Liahona, the broken bow incident, the building of the ship, and the journey across the sea and how Nephi and his brothers acted or reacted in each difficult situation.  Nephi also teaches from Isaiah.

Lesson 4 - The Things Which I Saw - 1 Nephi 12-14
Nephi desires to see the things which his father saw.  He is given a vision of the future of the American continent, including the visit of Christ, the coming of men to America in the last days, and the restoration of the gospel.  Nephi learns that many of the plain and precious truths of the Bible have been removed.  He sees the great and abominable church and the effect it has on men.

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