New Testament
Lesson 41
“I Have Finished My Course”

Lesson Highlights

A study of this lesson will encourage us to learn and teach true doctrine and be righteous examples for others.

Scripture references for study:  1 Timothy; 2 Timothy; Titus
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Lesson 41 Handout (PDF)


Paul's release from prison in Rome.

Paul resumed his missionary travels.

Who Was Timothy?

Who was Titus?

Instructions To Timothy

Warnings against apostasy and false doctrine

Praying For Others

Jesus: Our Mediator

Teachings on Modesty

Be An Example


Evils of the Last Days.

READ 2 TIMOTHY 4:6-8. Paul has fought the good fight.


In his letter to Titus, Paul gave many instructions about living righteously.  Consider these:

Gospel Doctrine Notebook

Record your thoughts on the teachings of Paul to Timothy and Titus. What can you do so that you can say as Paul, " I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith."

Resources Used In This Lesson

Answers To Gospel Questions by Joseph Fielding Smith.

Conference Reports (CR).

Doctrinal New Testament Commentary by Bruce R. McConkie (DNTC).


For The Strength of Youth.

New Testament Apostles Testify of Christ by D. Kelly Ogden and Andrew C. Skinner.

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