Old Testament
Lesson 1
“This Is My Work and My Glory”

Lesson Highlights

A study of this lesson will help us understand that (1) we are children of God, (2) we can resist Satan's temptations, and (3) God's work and glory is to bring to pass our immortality and eternal life.

Scripture references for study: 
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Lesson 1 Handout (PDF)

Introduction to the Old Testament

Some Personal Thoughts.


Our Study of The Old Testament.


We Are Children of God


READ MOSES 1:1-3. God speaks to Moses.

The Lord says that he would show Moses the "workmanship" of his hands (Moses 1:4-5). His works are without end. In fact, no man can behold all the works of God without beholding the full glory of God. That is not possible to do and remain a mortal here upon the earth.

"And I have a work for thee, Moses, my son; and thou art in the similitude of mine Only Begotten; and mine Only Begotten is and shall be the Savior, for he is full of grace and truth; but there is no God beside me, and all things are present with me, for I know them all." (Moses 1:6)

Moses is shown the world "and the ends thereof" and all those who belong to this world (Moses 1:7-8). When he was given this glimpse of the "workmanship" of God, Moses "greatly marveled and wondered."

READ MOSES 1:9-10. Moses learns that man is nothing.

We Can Resist Satan's Temptations

READ MOSES 1:12-15. Satan tempts Moses.

Four times Moses told Satan to depart (see Moses 1:16-21)


The Work & Glory of God

After Satan's departure, Moses once again beheld the "glory" of God (Moses 1:24-25).

Moses was once again given a vision of the earth, one of the works of God. As Moses beheld these works of God he asked, "Tell me, I pray thee, why these things are so, and by what thou madest them?" (Moses 1:30)

Gospel Doctrine Notebook

President Spencer W. Kimball taught, "We renew our appeal for the keeping of individual histories and accounts of sacred experiences in our lives-answered prayers, inspiration from the Lord, administrations in our behalf, a record of the special times and events of our lives….  I promise you that if you will keep your journals and records they will indeed be a source of great inspiration to you, each other, your children, your grandchildren, and others throughout the generations." (The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, p349)

Moses 1 teaches the powerful doctrine that we are sons and daughters of God. We should take time to ponder the significance of this great and eternal truth and record our thoughts about this truth and other truths learned from Moses 1 in our Old Testament Journal.

Resources Used In This Lesson

Discourses of Brigham Young edited by John A. Widtsoe.


Gospel Ideals by David O. McKay.

Meek and Lowly by Neal A. Maxwell.

Mormon Doctrine by Bruce R. McConkie.

Stand Ye In Holy Places by Harold B. Lee.

Studies In Scripture, Volume 2: The Pearl of Great Price edited by Robert L. Millet and Kent P. Jackson.

The Abundant Life by Hugh B. Brown.

The Promised Messiah by Bruce R. McConkie.

The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball.

The Way to Perfection by Joseph Fielding Smith.

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