Old Testament - Lesson 5
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Note 1

The Family of Adam and Eve
Robert J. Matthews

As to the family of Adam and Eve, Genesis gives the names of Cain, Abel, and Seth as though these were the earliest children. It does not explicitly say they were the first; it simply does not mention any before them, which leads the reader to assume they were the first. Later, Gen. 4:17 mentions Cain's wife, with no explanation of who she is. This has been a problem to some students, since no daughters of Adam and Eve are mentioned in the record before this. However, in the Joseph Smith Translation (JST, Gen. 4:1-3; Moses 5:1-3) we read that Adam and Eve had many sons and daughters and that these had children also, making Adam and Eve grandparents before either Cain or Abel was born. Whom did Cain marry? The Joseph Smith Translation identifies her as a daughter of one of Cain's brothers (JST, Gen. 5:27; Moses 5:28).

(Robert J. Matthews, A Bible! A Bible! [Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1990], 30)

Note 2

I Am Free
Robert L. Millet

Cain entered into a diabolical conspiracy with Satan and eventually killed his brother. "And Cain gloried in that which he had done." Note the first murderer's ironic cry: "I am free; surely the flocks of my brother falleth into my hands" ("Moses 5:33). Free! Free? Cain was never more ensnared by conscience and more enslaved by divine law that cried out for retribution. He would thereafter be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth (Moses 5:39), spending his days fleeing not just from those who sought his life but also from the memory and the realization of what he had done. There is no freedom in sin, only in righteousness.

(Robert L. Millet, Alive in Christ: The Miracle of Spiritual Rebirth [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1997], 161)

Note 3

Thou Shalt Be Called Perdition
Joseph Fielding Smith

Cain's great sin was not committed in ignorance. We have every reason to believe that he had the privilege of standing in the presence of messengers from heaven. In fact the scriptures infer that he was blessed by communication with the Father and was instructed by messengers from his presence. No doubt he held the Priesthood; otherwise his sin could not make of him Perdition. He sinned against the light. And this he did, so we are told, because he loved Satan more than he loved God.

(Joseph Fielding Smith, The Way to Perfection [Salt Lake City: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1949], 98)

Joseph Fielding McConkie and Robert L. Millet

Just as we can take upon us the name of Christ and become the sons and daughters of God and heirs to his kingdom, so we can choose to take upon us the name of the adversary and become heirs of his kingdom. Thus Cain, through his rebellion, took upon himself the name Perdition (see Moses 5:24) as did others who, like Cain, received the fulness of gospel truth and then chose to deny it and war against it (D&C 76:31-33). Just as the people of Zion are eventually sealed to Christ (Mosiah 5:15), so the municipals of Babylon who deny and defy the truth shall eventually be sealed to Beelzebub (2 Nephi 9:46; Alma 34:35; Helaman 13:32).

(Joseph Fielding McConkie and Robert L. Millet, Doctrinal Commentary on the Book of Mormon, 4 vols. [Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1987-1992], 3: 38)

Bruce R. McConkie

Two persons, Cain and Satan, have received the awesome name-title Perdition. The name signifies that they have no hope whatever of any degree of salvation, that they have wholly given themselves up to iniquity, and that any feeling of righteousness whatever has been destroyed in their breasts. Both had great administrative ability and persuasive power in pre-existence, but both were rebellious and iniquitous from eternity. (D. & C. 76:25-27; 2 Ne. 2:17-18.) Both came out in open rebellion against God having a perfect knowledge that their course was contrary to all righteousness.

(Bruce R. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, 2d ed. [Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1966], 566)

Note 4

Loved Ones Who Go Astray
Orson F. Whitney

You parents of the wilful and the wayward: Don't give them up. Don't cast them off. They are not utterly lost. The shepherd will find his sheep. They were his before they were yours--long before he entrusted them to your care; and you cannot begin to love them as he loves them. They have but strayed in ignorance from the Path of Right, and God is merciful to ignorance. Only the fulness of knowledge brings the fulness of accountability. Our Heavenly Father is far more merciful, infinitely more charitable, than even the best of his servants, and the Everlasting gospel is mightier in power to save than our narrow finite minds can comprehend. (CR, Apr 1929)

(Orson F. Whitney, Conference Report, April 1929,  110)

Elder Richard G. Scott

Many of you have heavy hearts because a son or daughter, husband or wife, has turned from righteousness to pursue evil. My message is for you.

Your life is filled with anguish, pain, and, at times, despair. I will tell you how you can be comforted by the Lord.

First you must recognize two foundation principles:

  1. While there are many things you can do to help a loved one in need, there are some things that must be done by the Lord.
  2. Also, no enduring improvement can occur without righteous exercise of agency. Do not attempt to override agency. The Lord himself would not do that. Forced obedience yields no blessings (see D&C 58:26-33).

I will suggest seven ways you can help.

First, love without limitations....

Second, do not condone the transgressions, but extend every hope and support to the transgressor....

Third, teach truth....

Fourth, honestly forgive as often as required....

Fifth, pray trustingly. 'The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much' (James 5:16)....

Sixth, keep perspective.... When the things you realistically can do to help are done, leave the matter in the hands of the Lord and worry no more. Do not feel guilty because you cannot do more. Do not waste your energy on useless worry.... In time, you will feel impressions and know how to give further help. You will find more peace and happiness, will not neglect others that need you, and will be able to give greater help because of that eternal perspective....

One last suggestion--Never give up on a love one, never!

(Richard G. Scott, "To Help A Loved One In Need," Ensign, May 1988, 60)

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