Old Testament
Lesson 35
God Reveals His Secrets to His Prophets

Lesson Highlights

A study of this lesson teaches us that in the latter days, the Lord reveals his secrets to his prophets and pours out his Spirit on all people.

Scripture references for study:  Amos 3; Amos 79; Joel 23
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Lesson 35 Handout (PDF format)

  1. Janette Hales Beckham shares the following story:  "When I was a young wife and mother, my husband spent two years in the air force. We lived in military housing on Long Island, New York. While tending our young children, I often visited with neighbors who had come from all over the country. One day as a neighbor and I were talking about our beliefs, she became curious about what was different about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  2.      "I told her briefly about the Restoration, and I explained that the restored Church of Jesus Christ has a living prophet today. This really seemed to pique her interest, and she wanted to know what the prophet had said. As I started to tell her about the Doctrine and Covenants and modern revelation, she said, 'But what has he said lately?' I told her about general conference and that the Church had a monthly publication with a message from the prophet. Then she got really interested. I was so embarrassed to admit that I hadn't read the current message. She concluded our conversation by saying, 'You mean you have a living prophet and you don't know what he said?'" (Ensign, May 1996, p84)
  3. If someone asked you what the prophet has recently stated, would you be able to answer the question? Do we appreciate the blessing of a living prophet?

Amos: God Speaks To Prophets

  1. Historical Background:
  2. READ AMOS 3:6-7. God reveals his secrets to his prophets.

Amos Prophecies of Ancient & Latter-day Israel

  1. Amaziah, the priest of Bethel, sent a message to Jeroboam king of Israel, "Amos hath conspired against thee in the midst of the house of Israel: the land is not able to bear all his words. For thus Amos saith, Jeroboam shall die by the sword, and Israel shall surely be led away captive out of their own land" (Amos 7:10-11).
  2. READ AMOS 8:11-12. Amos prophecies of the consequences for rejecting the prophets.
  3. READ AMOS 9:8-15. Israel to be brought from captivity after their destruction.
  4. "Woe to them that are at ease in Zion."
  5. (Amos 6:1)

Joel's Prophecies About The Latter Days

  1. Historical Background:
  2. Through Joel, the Lord issued several invitations to those living in the latter days. Consider what these invitations mean to you.
  3. Joel also prophesied of the blessings which the Lord has promised to those who follow him in the latter days.

Gospel Doctrine Notebook

  1. Over 2700 years ago, the prophet Amos issued forth a clear statement that rings throughout all the ages of time on this earth, "Surely the Lord God will do nothing, until he revealeth the secret unto his servants the prophets" (JST Amos 3:7). We are living in the last days prior to the Lord's reign on earth. There will yet be many challenges and difficulties, but the Lord has sent forth his prophets to guide us through these tumultuous times. If we are to spiritually survive, we must heed the words of the Lord's servants. Consider the words from a favorite hymn (Hymn No. 21):
  2. Record your thoughts on the value of living prophets. What role does the living prophet have in your life?

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