Old Testament
Lesson 40
Enlarge the Place of Thy Tent

Lesson Highlights

A study of this lesson will encourage us to strengthen the stakes of Zion and prepare for the Second Coming and the Millennium.

Scripture references for study:  Isaiah 5456; Isaiah 6365
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Lesson 40 Handout (PDF format)

Strengthen The Stakes Of Zion

  1. Isaiah 54 begins by talking about the children of Israel. The "children of the desolate" represent the large number of people from the tribes of Israel who will gather to Zion following the building of the New Jerusalem.
  2. READ ISAIAH 54:2. Enlarge the place of thy tent and strengthen thy stakes.

The Gathering Of Israel

  1. READ ISAIAH 54:4-10. With great mercies will I gather thee.
  3. The concept of gathering, as taught by Isaiah and other prophets, is an exciting thing to contemplate. We are living in the day when these prophecies are being fulfilled. We can have a role in this gathering as we send our children on missions and as we live the gospel faithfully and serve as an example to our neighbors.
  4. Consider the results of gathering the righteous and strengthening the stakes of Zion.

The Millennium - A Time Of Peace & Joy

  1. Isaiah testified that there would be struggles, temptations, and suffering in this world, and that ultimately good would overcome evil. He said that for the righteous, the future would be full of joy.
  2. READ ISAIAH 64:1-4. The coming of the Lord.
  3. Isaiah describes the conditions that will exist during the Millennium?
  4. Additional Quotations on the Millennium.
  5. A concluding thought on Isaiah:

Gospel Doctrine Notebook

  1. We are blessed to live in a day of prophetic fulfillment as we see the gathering of Israel and preparations for the second coming of the Lord. Let us be participants in the great events of this day by working to strengthen the stakes of Zion by increasing our own spirituality and by reaching out to others with the great gospel message.
  2. Record your thoughts on the prophecies of Isaiah. What do they mean in your life? How can you help strengthen your stake and prepare for the great events which have been prophesied.

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