Come Follow Me - New Testament
“Thou Art the Christ”
April 1–14

Lesson Highlights

Scripture references for study:  Matthew 16–17; Mark 9; Luke 9
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A Testimony of Jesus Christ Comes by Revelation

The Lord gathers his disciples together for a testimony meeting and announces the subject.

READ MATTHEW 16:14-17. Simon Peter bears witness of the divinity of Jesus.

Like Peter, we can also receive a testimony of the Savior and his gospel through the Holy Ghost.

Priesthood Keys Are Essential For Our Salvation

After explaining the source of Peter's testimony (as discussed in the previous section) the Lord continued to instruct his apostles.

READ MATTHEW 16:19. The keys of the kingdom promised to the Twelve.

READ MATTHEW 17:1-13. The transfiguration of Jesus.


When Seeking Greater Faith, We Must First Hold on to the Faith We Already Have

REVIEW MARK 9:14-30.

When Jesus returned from the mount to his disciples he found "a great multitude about them" (v14).

The father asked for help.

The father responded in tears, "Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief" (v24). Is not this a cry for help that many of us have made?

Jesus "rebuked the foul spirit" and commanded it to leave. This spirit came out of the son and left him as if he were dead.  Jesus took his hand and lifted him up (v25-27).

                                 View a short video:  Seeking Greater Faith

Gospel Doctrine Notebook

The Lord revealed more of himself during the events reviewed in this lesson. Important priesthood keys have been promised and transmitted to the future leaders of his church. Peter bore his witness of the Master which he had received by revelation. Like Peter, we can know through the Holy Ghost that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God and that his servants, the prophets, hold the same keys given anciently to Peter, James, and John.

Record your thoughts on the events described in this lesson.  How do the "keys" of the kingdom make a difference in your life? What can you do to help turn unbelief into faith?

Resources Used In This Lesson

Doctrinal New Testament Commentary, Volume 1, by Bruce R. McConkie (DNTC)

Doctrines of Salvation by Joseph Fielding Smith


General Conference

Gospel Doctrine by Joseph F. Smith

History of the Church

Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith selected and arranged by Joseph Fielding Smith (TPJS)

The Holy Temple by Boyd K. Packer

The Mortal Messiah: From Bethlehem to Calvary, Volume 3, by Bruce R. McConkie

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